About Us


BERMAN & ASSOCIATES is recognized internationally as the nation’s premier independent law firm risk management consultant organization. Made up of both non lawyers and lawyers, themselves experts in the field of Risk Management and Practice Management issues, since its founding in 1991, its members have reviewed more than 1700 law firms in 41 states and in Canada.

Focusing on Loss Prevention, Analysis and Control, the Firm pioneered the concept of independent Law Firm Risk Analysis for law firms. This has included ideas such as our basic grading scale of law firm risk potential and our Ten Point Program of Risk Analysis developed for Lloyd’s Underwriters.

The Principals of the Firm have written and lectured widely on the subject of Risk Management and practice management. Our publications and materials have appeared in virtually every major legal magazine and periodical published in the United States. Members have been quoted widely in an expert capacity in periodicals such as Business Insurance.

In addition to the theoretical, BERMAN & ASSOCIATES have managed law firms and corporate law departments, developed and implemented conflicts systems and created docketing and calendaring programs. It is one thing to lecture and write on a subject; it is another to actually make it happen in the real world.

Our Firm has provided consulting services in a wide array of related areas and we have taught widely on subjects related to law firm practice management. The recent Risk Management Program developed and given on behalf of the California Continuing Education of the Bar, was the first of its kind.

We have worked closely with law firms all over the United States and Canada which have experienced errors and omissions difficulties. We have achieved notable successes in assisting many of those firms in the development of their own Risk Management Programs. The responses to our Reviews have most always been positive and many of those firms with whom we have worked are now willing references for our efforts and our abilities to make a real difference in their firms. Much of our effort has helped to foster a better relationship between the firm and its insurance program.