Partner Coaching

We are announcing the formalization of a service which we have been providing to Managing Partners/Shareholders and others in a law firm management role for some time but which has become so popular that we are making it a separate and independent category which we are able to provide.

MANAGING PARTNER/SHAREHOLDER COACHING is a distinct service which blurs the lines between practice management and risk management. For any number of lawyers who find themselves in this situation and have never had the necessary training to manage, for experienced Managing Partners who want to be sure that their skills stay sharp and current and for Partners who are in the position of managing a section or practice group, this Program is for you.

The Program is designed to accomplish a number of important Goals.

1) It will first of all allow for a consideration of the position’s chance of success in the frame work of the current position’s responsibilities. That analysis will determine how likely it is that you can succeed.

2) Secondly and as a corollary, we help determine within the context of the current firm structure (and dynamic among Partners/Shareholders) what an appropriate set of responsibilities should be; whether the position needs additional support and what kinds of responsibilities should or shouldn’t be included.

3) After that work is accomplished, we assist the individual Partner in making the position a success. This includes a period of time in which an analysis is made of the work activities on a detailed hour by hour and day to day basis; this in turn includes tracking time to determine where unseen pressures really lie and where emphasis should be added.

4) Based upon those findings, we then look at the factors of time management. This may include training in classic time management strictures such as setting priorities, delegation, focus and structuring the day, week, month and year. This may also include time management for aligned groups (executive committees and/or practice sections for example) within the firm with whom this positions success or failure is irretrievably tied.

5) Finally, we create a roadmap for the individual and the firm to use in order to accomplish the Goals which have been drawn from the analysis which has been made.

6) Additionally, a certain number of hours are given for additional coaching and vetting once the assignment has been completed. Issues which arise can be discussed objectively and further assistance is always available.